Access residential property in Sydney with as little as $10,000 investment

The Equiti Knock-Down, Rebuild Fund provides investors with an opportunity for profit via the strategy of acquiring older-style homes and subsequently knocking-down the existing home, rebuilding a new home and selling, for a profit, upon completion. Demand for new ready-to-move-in homes, coupled with the limited number of new homes available for sale in well-established suburbs of Sydney, has created solid fundamentals for the knock-down, rebuild strategy.


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The Knock-Down, Rebuild Strategy



Acquiring older-style homes in well-established Sydney suburbs.



Knocking down the existing home.



Rebuilding a brand new modern home.



Selling for a profit.

This value-add development strategy has been popular in Sydney and due to the imbalance between the high-demand for new, modern homes in well-established suburbs of Sydney and the low-supply of new, modern homes available within these suburbs. Through the careful acquisition, design, development and sale of residential property assets that are suited to this value-add strategy, the fund aims to create a trading profit from each transaction that can be partially distributed to investors upon the completion of each transaction whilst, through an active reinvestment strategy, also achieving some capital appreciation.


Access Premium Locations

As property values have rapidly grown in the past decade, well-established Sydney suburbs have become largely inaccessible to the majority of Australian investors.

The fund aims to develop a diverse portfolio across densely popular Sydney suburbia within a 20km radius from the City of Ryde. This includes suburbs such as Hunters Hill, Lane Cove, Strathfield and Concord.

Equiti conducts extensive research prior to acquiring a residential real estate asset for the fund to ensure that it adheres to the fund’s strict criteria and that it will benefit from this value-add strategy.

Benefits of investing in the fund


Access Premium Locations

Exposure to residential real estate within well-established Sydney suburbs.


Add Value To Assets

Potential to value-add to real estate assets through the strategy.


Generate Trading Profits

Partially distributed to Investors upon the realisation of a profit.


Portfolio Diversification

Over time by both location and price.


Capital Growth Potential

Via an appreciation of the Unit Price of the Fund.


Expert Advice

Access to an experienced, expert investment management team.


We'll take care of everything

With a strong, proven track record in the acquisition, design and development of real property assets, our experienced management team will take care of each step in the process for you … so you can sit back and relax whilst we deliver you a return.


Investment Manager

Equiti Capital Limited and Equiti Funds Management Pty Ltd are specialist property investment managers that aim to achieve superior returns for both retail and wholesale investors through the identification, acquisition, management and development of residential property across the eastern-Australian seaboard, whilst putting investor’s interests at the forefront of all decision making.

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Development Manager

Hudson Homes Pty Ltd is a major, multi-award winning NSW home builder with an approved Home Owners Warranty of $125m. As Development Manager of the Fund, Hudson Homes will be responsible for designing homes suitable to the site and location, estimating construction costs, obtaining approvals and to generally manage the construction process on a day-to-day basis.

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Equiti Knock-Down, Rebuild Fund Financial Statements

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Equiti Knock-Down, Rebuild Fund Financial Statements

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