Build Your
Wealth Seminar

In this popular and educational seminar event,
you’ll learn proven wealth creation strategies that
will help you secure your financial future.


Build Your
Wealth Seminar

In this popular and educational seminar event,
you’ll learn proven wealth creation strategies that
will help you secure your financial future.

Our mission is to help you achieve your
financial goals and dreams

We aim to bring the benefits of private wealth management to all Australians, usually inaccessible to the majority. Whilst many advisors simply implement plans on behalf of their clients, an Equiti advisor is committed to educating and encouraging their clients to be involved in their own investment strategy decisions...

This education begins at the Build Your Wealth seminar.

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What are you doing to secure your financial future?

Whilst most people would like to retire wealthy – the truth is, unless you have some basic knowledge and start taking positive steps to becoming financially independent, retiring wealthy shall be nothing more than a dream.

With more than 50% of your income finding its way back into the government’s pocket, it’s no wonder why Australians today are finding it harder to secure their future. And with today’s fast changing economic environment, the average Australian is faced with even more questions, greater uncertainty and unnecessary fear.

These issues, along with other important investment principles will be addressed in plain, easy to understand English during this seminar event.

What to expect

At this informative event, as one of Australia’s leading wealth advisory firms, we will share what we are telling our clients about building wealth in today’s changing economic environment and how you could easily do the same.

Pay Less Tax

Learn how to effectively structure yourself to pay less tax and how to use those savings to fund up to 24% of an investment.

Use your equity

Learn how you may be able to use the equity in your home to qualify for a $18,640 tax deduction this year and how a little-known tax strategy can put tax dollars back into your pocket each week.

Understand superannation laws

Obtain a better understanding of how the new superannuation laws can be used to help you build wealth faster.

Discuss retirement strategy

A frank discussion on how most people are living in a manner where they’ll have no choice but to retire on the pension and how one subtle change to your thinking may avoid this happening to you.

Learn about property markets

Presentation on the latest trends in the residential property market and where your best chance may be to achieve capital growth in the coming years.

Understand franked dividends

Begin to understand how the franked dividends you receive from an investment in shares can help provide part of your post-retirement income.

Latest research and indicators

Get all the latest research and key economic indicators that will help you make educated and informed decisions about your money and future.

Learn to build wealth slowly

Discover how it really is possible to build wealth slowly and securely, without taking up too much of your time or causing too much stress.

Our Team

Dr David Parker


With over 30 years’ experience in all aspects of portfolio and asset management, Dr Parker is an internationally recognised industry expert, a highly regarded real estate academic and acts as director and advisor to various real estate investment groups.

Danny H. Assabgy


As Founder and CEO of Equiti, Danny brings specialised knowledge in financial advisory practice, property investment and business management expertise. He is an award-winning entrepreneur, experienced accountant, financial advisor and a licenced real estate agent.

Hovig Evanian

Investment Advisor

Bringing over 15 years’ experience in all facets of the property industry, Hovig has held key roles in major residential and commercial development projects. He also holds several degrees in Economics and Finance from Princeton USA and University of Technology Sydney.

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