Equiti adopts a best practice approach to law,
strictly adhering to a highly developed and
systematic approach to our legal, estate planning
and conveyancing services.



Equiti adopts a best practice approach to law,
strictly adhering to a highly developed and
systematic approach to our legal, estate planning
and conveyancing services.

Our legal team puts people at the heart of the way we work

Understanding exactly what each client uniquely needs and wants lies at the heart of our legal advisory services. Our structured best-practice approach ensures that we work closely with each client through every step and that our legal advisors develop a complete understanding of a client’s personal objectives and motivations; therefore, preparing a tailored solution suitable in both the short and long term.

Pre-packaged and generic legal and/or conveyancing services do not necessarily serve every client’s specific needs. In today’s dynamic real estate environment, an Equiti lawyer is committed to providing tailored solutions with a consistent standard of excellence in service. We take a practical and commercially realistic approach, with the object of speeding up the transaction whilst keeping down costs.

Areas of Law


Full-service conveyancing


Australian property law


Wills & estate planning

“A universal understanding of the legal advisory process is always the first step. Equiti promotes an environment where decisions are made collaboratively through communication and teamwork.”

- Rod Humphreys, General Manager

Property Law

At Equiti, our mission is connecting people with property.

The best property lawyers understand the intricacies of real estate transactions, but also understand how challenging it can be for people to think ahead and to accept the risks associated with making decisions about their money. Our clients seek our expert legal advice because we understand the relationship that exists between people and property, and invest the time to understand individual client motivations before providing an appropriate legal solution.

Property investors gain great value from a property lawyer who is considerate, professional and ethical. There is no substitute for professional advice that is logical, supportive and objective.

Our clients benefit from lawyers that are fully focused on the property sector, wholly understanding of the challenges and are completely tuned into each client's needs. We thrive on innovation, but continue to pride ourselves on delivering expertise with a personal touch.

As specialised property lawyers, we act for:

  • buyers & sellers
  • investors & developers
  • landlords & tenants
  • lenders & borrowers

We deal with all types of property transactions: no matter how large or small or how complex or simple. With offices located across Australia, we frequently assist clients with cross-border advice, structuring and conveyancing.

Estate Planning

Building your wealth is one thing, protecting it is another.

You have a right to protect your assets whilst you are alive and you have a right to decide what happens to your estate when you die. Whether your legacy is to provide income for a spouse, educating your children or leaving money to your favourite charity, there is secure peace of mind knowing that your assets are going to be efficiently distributed as per your wishes.

An estate plan that considers both the acquisition and distribution strategy of your assets will form an important part of your long-term wealth management strategy. The components will vary according to your personal circumstances, while ensuring your wealth is managed, protected and transferred according to your wishes and that it is done so in a tax effective and financially efficient way.

We aim to ensure the smooth transition of your assets to your beneficiaries with maximum asset protection, minimum taxation liability and minimum risk of being disputed.

Our services include designing, preparing and executing:

  • Wills & Trusts
  • Powers of Attorney & Enduring Powers of Attorney
  • Life Interests
  • Declarations of Life
  • Letters of Instruction

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